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  • The tech-wise familyThe tech-wise family : everyday steps for putting technology in its proper place

    Crouch, Andy, author.

    Thought leader and executive editor of Christianity Today helps parents understand how technology, and the way we use it as families, can hinder or help us and our children grow in character and become the kind of people we want to be.

  • Brave girls Bible storiesBrave girls Bible stories : celebrating great women of the Bible

    Gerelds, Jennifer, author.

    "An exciting new brand and storybook to help girls grow into brave, confident daughters of the King. Young girls will grow in their knowledge of the Bible and in their faith by getting to know our Brave Girls--Hope, Gracie, Glory, Faith, and Honor--five modern-day friends who relate to today's readers! The girls are each very different, but they all love Jesus and love each other. They share their strengths and struggles and how they discover bravery in women in the Bible. In this full-color, illustrated Bible storybook, the Brave Girls help readers learn important lessons from more than thirty women in the Bible, including Eve, Sarah, Rahab, Esther, Mary, and Lydia. Through their lives, readers will learn such valuable truths as: God loves me even when I mess up. God has a plan for me. My faith is important to me. I can share my faith. Your brave girl will love this exciting new brand that meets the marketplace's need for stories about real girls who are living out their faith."--

  • Secret of the prince's tombSecret of the prince's tomb

    Hering, Marianne.

    Time-traveling cousins Patrick and Beth go to ancient Egypt, where they try to find ways to encourage Tabitha, a Habiru girl, and her people, who are being enslaved, to keep faith and hope alive, by exploring the tomb of her people's prince.

  • Battle for Cannibal IslandBattle for Cannibal Island

    Hering, Marianne.

    Time-traveling cousins Patrick and Beth travel to Fiji in the 1850s, where cannibals kidnap Patrick and plan to burn down a Christian village, unless Beth and missionary James Calvert can stop them.

  • The legend of the candy caneThe legend of the candy cane : the inspirational story of our favorite Christmas candy

    Walburg, Lori.

    With the help of young Lucy, a mysterious stranger called Mr. Sonneman tells the story of the candy cane to the people of a small prairie town during Christmas time at the turn of the century. Includes a history of the candy cane.

  • Showdown with the shepherdShowdown with the shepherd

    Hering, Marianne.

    Mr. Whittaker uses the Imagination Station to transport cousins Patrick and Beth to the Holy Land in 1000 B.C., where Hugh is trying to change history by helping the Philistines defeat the Israelites.

  • Problems in PlymouthProblems in Plymouth

    Hering, Marianne.

    When time-traveling cousins Patrick and Beth use the Imagination Station to go to Plymouth Colony in 1621 hoping to find Hugh and return him to his own time, they meet William Bradford, Myles Standish, and Squanto.

  • Attack of the spider botsAttack of the spider bots

    West, Robert.

  • MickeyMickey a family story

    After widowed attorney Tripp Spence discovers he is wanted by the IRS, he and his young pitching sensation son Derrick assume new identies and flee to Las Vegas. There, Derrick becomes "Mickey" and Tripp enrolls him in a second final year of Little League. As the nation, the government, and a nervous Tripp watch, "Mickey" leads his team from the city championship all the way to the controversial final game of the Little League World Series.

  • Humphrey's first ChristmasHumphrey's first Christmas

    Heyer, Carol, 1950-

    A camel, grumbling about losing his favorite blanket then having to carry a heavy load, meets a special newborn baby who fills him with love, joy, and generosity.

  • WillWill : God's mighty warrior

    Walsh, Sheila, 1956-

    Will, who loves to play at being a warrior, is excited when his father tells him about God's armor and that there are real enemies to be fought, both in the world and in his own heart.

  • Light forceLight force : a stirring account of the church caught in the Middle East crossfire

    Andrew, Brother.

  • Awesome mysteries of the BibleAwesome mysteries of the Bible

  • The story of Jesus for childrenThe story of Jesus for children

    This is the story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of children who might have lived during the time Jesus lived on earth.

  • HermieHermie : a common caterpillar

    Lucado, Max.

    Best friends Hermie and Wormie are sad each time they see that other creatures are special when they, themselves, are so ordinary, but they trust that they are special in God's eyes and that He is not finished with them yet.

  • Thank you for this dayThank you for this day : action prayers, songs, and blessings for every day

    O'Neal, Debbie Trafton.

  • Hey, that's not what the Bible says too!Hey, that's not what the Bible says too!

    Ross, Bill, 1956-

  • The gentle art of a servant's heartThe gentle art of a servant's heart

    Swindoll, Charles R.

  • Walking with the windWalking with the wind : a memoir of the movement

    Lewis, John, 1940 February 21-

  • Now I lay me down to sleepNow I lay me down to sleep : action prayers, poems, and songs for bedtime

    O'Neal, Debbie Trafton.

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